The idea was born when Pranav Singanapalli owned an electric scooter that failed miserably as a mode of transport.

This struck a chord in his creator gene which inspired him to change the scenario of electric two-wheelers in the country.

A strong background in industrial design, product development, and design thinking lead him on to face the challenge.



Emote Electric earlier known as eMotion Motors was established in 2011 as a startup with an idea to develop performance electric bike which enables a seamless transition to electric vehicles by the creation of desirable EVs that outperform petrol vehicles of the similar price range in performance and features while offering high levels of convenience, flexibility, and savings.


We at Emote Electric strive to design not just for reliability but also for desirability. We love a good challenge and strongly believe in protecting the environment, by providing our customers with green alternatives for their travels without compromising on the performance. Our main focus is to push humanity towards a path of an eco-friendly and sustainable future.


Our first prototype was unveiled in 2018.  Since then we have been hard at work bringing our dream to the market. This would not be achieved until the prototype is up to the mark for customers to have the ride that we promised. We have tweaked the design, improved longevity of parts, made them easier for maintenance, calibrated throttle response for better performance and refined the vehicle styling.


The Surge has been carefully curated after tremendous amounts of research and testing. We are proud to present a feature-rich motorcycle that is capable of surpassing its petrol counterparts in terms of performance and riding experience. Designed with top-of-the-line battery performance, complete computer and smartphone integration, innovative features, and an entire ecosystem built around a fast charging performance-oriented electric drivetrain, Surge is your best alternative to the fossil fuel lifestyle.


We have incorporated increased convenience and functionality in our design through increased storage space, reverse feature, smart connectivity, and numerous other features that bring you a one-of-kind economical performance bike.

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